BBC sinks to the level of The Sun

This was posted to the BBC News Facebook page about 30 minutes after the Manchester bombing.

The linked article on the BBC News website, headlined “General election 2017: Corbyn pressed over IRA comments”, is ostensibly reporting on an interview of Corbyn by Sophy Ridge on Sky News on Sunday morning.

Despite the fact that in the Sky interview Corbyn said, “I condemn all the bombing by both the Loyalists and the IRA.”, the BBC reporter took the opportunity to rehash recent anti-Corbyn propaganda.  The article quotes DUP leader Arlene Foster and “the Conservatives” (all of them?) expressing outrage that Corbyn would not unequivocally condemn the IRA.  It also quotes N.I. Secretary James Brokenshire criticising Jeremy Corbyn for “complete failure unequivocally to condemn terrorism”.

If this attempted smear was not reprehensible enough, the BBC saw fit to repeat it on Facebook under the rubric “Jeremy Corbyn has refused to single out the IRA for condemnation when pressed over his past campaigning activities”.  Whilst it is factually correct to say that Corbyn did not “single out” the IRA, this gives the impression that Jeremy Corbyn has refused outright to condemn the IRA, which is plainly false and blatant spin. The fact that this was posted to Facebook at 22:59 on Monday 22nd May, a day and a half after the Sky interview and a mere half hour after the Manchester bombing prompts one to question the timing of this post.  This is the kind of opportunistic propaganda we have come to expect from The Sun .

“Coincidentally”, the BBC News tweeted this at 22:56 on Monday 22nd May.

BBC News Tweet Sun anti-Corbyn cover

Whilst the Sun might be exonerated of the charge of shameless, opportunistic propagandising on the grounds that the first edition was prepared prior to the Manchester bombing, the BBC have no such excuse.


3 thoughts on “BBC sinks to the level of The Sun

  1. When are the BBC going to star reporting honestly. Anti labour and Jeremy Corbyn.
    It’s getting to the point when people are not trusting you.

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