From the Cradle to the Grave

In memory of the infants, who are buried at Tuam, Bessborough and in who knows how many other places and dedicated to those young women whose only crime was to give birth out of wedlock and who lost their children to an untimely death or had their children forcibly taken from them, by the R.C. church, aided and abetted by the state.

May we never again have to say “never again”.

From the Cradle to the Grave

We were born sinners and sinners remain,
Unable able to cleanse the indelible stain
Of Adam And Eve,
The original temptress,
Corrupter of man.

Sons and daughters of a priest-ridden nation,
Take up your crosses, remember your station,
Mourning and weeping
In this Valley of Tears,
Your just desserts.

Eternal guilt and forced confession,
Darkness at noon, the constant profession
Of faith and despair,
We shook off one yoke
And clung to another.

Look down on us oh, heavenly father
From your pulpit above your earthly mother
Who raised you up
To call us out
From the altar.

Hail Mary, full of fear,
Teenage mother, whom we revere,
And all the rest
Without a spouse
Daughters of Eve.

The tiny bones, the unmarked plot,
Ignored, disdained, thought ill-begot
And no stone to mark
Save on the heart
Of an innocent girl.



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