Brexit is in the OED

A fierce row has developed between No 10 Downing Street and lexicographers at the Oxford English Dictionary following the announcement that the word “Brexit” is to be included in the OED with the following definition:

“the (proposed) withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, and the political process associated with it”.

According to sources at No 10, Mrs. May is furious at the OED’s “absurd meddling in political affairs”.  “Brexit means Brexit and will continue to do so”, a red faced Prime Minister is reported to have exclaimed.   It’s not yet clear whether or not the Government will contest the OED’s definition in the High Court. But the possibility cannot be bruled out.

Following Mrs May’s reception at the EU Summit in Brussels, where she was given the cold shoulder, could we soon see the inclusion in the OED of  brexclude, breject, brignore and “brostracize”?  And presumably when the promised brutopia fails to materialise, we will see the appearance of brexcuse.



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